Buyer's Agency

  • Work for you as a buyer's agent, paid by the seller, but committed to protecting your best interests.  
  • Help you determine how much mortgage you can qualify for, and how much mortgage you may wish to qualify for.
  • Help you determine which mortgage product is appropriate for your needs.
  • Help you determine how much money you will need, and help rearrange your debts if necessary.
  • Provide you with a list of 100% of all properties available.
  • Recommend a top listing agent for your home if you are coming in from out of town.
  • Schedule appointments to inspect home.
  • Prepare a market analysis on chosen properties to avoid overpaying.
  • Point out structural, mechanical and possible resale problems during house showings.
  • Create a custom file in the real estate computer to collect all new offerings screened to match your parameters and forward full printouts for all matching listings complete with directions.
  • Expertly draft and negotiate purchase offers. (I've drafted over 500 purchase contracts)
  • Expertly negotiate your purchase offer.
  • Help arrange for professional and contractor home tests and inspections.
  • Help arrange mortgage financing and follow up through the process, including final walk-through. I return phone calls.

Rich Warner

$14,000,000 PRODUCER

80+ HOMES sold in one year 4 times!
5-TIME PLATINUM AWARD WINNER (The Real Estate Board's highest award, presented to only about 30 agents annually!)